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Your digital tool for regional
food systems. 

For small and

large buyers

As a buyer - whether a restaurateur, community supplier or shopkeeper - you get an overview of the availability of regional food in your area and can orient your offer accordingly. Conversely, you can address your needs directly to the suppliers in your vicinity.

For producers

and processors

As a producer and processor of regional food, you make your offer visible to buyers in your vicinity and open up regional sales markets. Are you a new business? Then you can gain direct market access through nearbuy.

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Credits_ Agence Producteurs Locaux Damie

For bundlers 
and logisticians

As a regional bundler, you will find suppliers and buyers in your region. Soon you will be able to offer your free delivery capacities to all those who cannot provide their own logistics. The supply is ensured and the regional logistics are utilised in an economically and ecologically sensible way.

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Free version

With the free first version of nearbuy we invite you to try out nearbuy extensively and to share your ideas for further development with us. It can happen to us faster than we would like that we overlook stumbling blocks. So, join us! Only with you can we continue to improve nearbuy.

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"When I started with Losseküche, nearbuy served me the businesses on a platter."

Antonia Heyn,


"I think it's great to be involved in the development and to participate in the decision-making."


Janina Neumann,

Biomarkt Greger

"Our mission is to regionalise supply, and with nearbuy we are setting the course for tomorrow."

Thomas Walter,

Betriebsgastronomie R+V Versicherung

Erhaltet Neuigkeiten direkt in Euer Postfach 

Vielen Dank. Freu Dich auf baldige Post!

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